Sven’s BBQ

Sven's BBQ Sauces

BBQ Meatballs

1 pkg frozen meatballs (or make from scratch)
1 jar of favorite Sven’s BBQ Sauce

Cook meatballs according to package. Place meatballs in crock pot and cover with Sven’s BBQ Sauce.

Slow Cooking BBQ Ribs (Crock Pot)

2 pkg’s Beef or Pork Country Style Spare Ribs
2 jars of favorite Sven’s BBQ Sauce
Favorite Seasoning (opt)

Allow meat to reach room temperature. Season ribs with your favorite seasoning (opt). Place ribs in crock pot and pour over 1 jar of Sven’s BBQ Sauce. Set crock pot for 8-10 hours. Serve ribs with extra Sven’s for dipping.