Sven’s BBQ

Sven's BBQ Sauces

BBQ Ribs

Rack of Baby-back Ribs
3 Jars of your Favorite Sven’s BBQ sauce
Pan large enough to hold Ribs

1. Pour 2 jars of Svens BBQ sauce in the pan.
2. Place ribs in pan, cover all surfaces of meat with BBQ sauce. Rub it in with hands.
3. Pour more Svens BBQ sauce into pan on top of ribs to cover ribs or almost cover ribs. Important: most of the meat should be under the sauce.
4. Cover pan with foil and marinate over night in fridge.
5. Next morning, place in oven on low, ~170 degrees F, and cook 8-10 hours.
6.Just before eating,place ribs on medium temperature grill. Baste one side of ribs,grill fora few minutes until the sauce is thick and sticky. Flip over and do the same to the other side. Don’t over do it!
7.Turn on some background music immediately before eating. It will be so quiet during supper cuz everyone will be devouring ribs.